Landon's Easter Basket

Since Karsyn has her personalized Easter Basket I decided to make one for Landon too. Maybe to early to collect eggs and enjoy it this year but will be ready for use next year. I found the basket at Michael's on sale and made the liner out by first embroidering the name and then making the liner. I sewed ribbon on the areas around the handle to tie it onto the basket.

Appliqued Onsies

I found a coloring book page with a guitar on it, cut it out of felt with a couple of rectangles and hand stitched everything down while watching TV. pretty easy/cute.

Tweedle Dee Costume

 Landon was Tweedle Dee to go along with Karsyn's Cheshire Cat Costume. I made the had from a soft ball pattern I found on the internet that I just cut in half and then made out of red felt.  I cut out the flag from yellow felt and the stick was a straw wrapped with yellow felt. I used foldover elastic in red for the strap so it would be soft on his neck and hopefully he couldn't feel it/get it off (worked great).

 I used my sewing machine to embroider Tweedle Dee on some white fabric then I used the collar pattern from Karsyn's dress (oversized for this outfit) to cut out the collar so the words were centered. I used a yellow polo and tacked the collar on so I could cut it off and he could use the polo on regular days. I also just tacked the bow tie to one side of the collar with a snap on the other side of the collar and back of the bow tie so it would stay put. I used this bow tie tutorial

He hated it obviously (and probably will hate these pictures when he is older)  but really enjoyed Disneyland.

Cheshire Cat Costume

I have been gone for what seems like forever I know I have been busy with a new home, a move, 2 kids, new jobs and life in general. I love doing this blog but sometimes you just aren't feeling it. So I will be posting in here again but probably not on a super regular basis. Chasing 2 kids around and working as a pharmacist doesn't leave me much time to post on here.

This was the Halloween/Disneyland Costume I made for my daughter. The inspiration came from a dress I found and fell in love with on Etsy but didn't want to spend the $250 for a little girls halloween costume/play dress.
To make the dress I bought a dress pattern I liked from Jo-Anns then I measured 7 inch stripes on the pattern and cut it into pieces (carefully labeling each piece with a number) when I cut out the fabric for the dress I added 1/2 inch to each side for seaming. I also changed out the bow tie on the dress to an actual mens tie pattern that was striped diagonally for a better kitty tail (so it was actually 2 men's ties-one on each side of the dress to make the bow in the back). The ears were sewn onto a headband.

 Here she is at Disneyland as the Cheshire cat. It was a great trip.

Inspiration (found on Etsy) but look at the PRICE!!!!!

Framed Mirrors

I have always wanted to do this project in our last few houses and finally convinced my husband to give it a shot. He was always worried he wasn't skilled enough to make the frames look nice and not homemade. But we tried it on one mirror and loved the look so continued the look with the rest of the bathroom mirrors. The project cost us about $100 total dollars to do 4 large mirrors (my mirror alone was 8 feet x5 feet!) I pre-painted all the wood with the same trim paint we have for the house then my husband measured and cut the wood (cut 45 degree angles on the corners). We used contruction grade Liquid Nails glue (in the caulking tube) and taped the wood to prevent it from moving while it dried. After 24 hours I removed the tape and there you have it.

For my mirrors I only had the small metal strip on the bottom holding up the mirrors that I had to contend with and it wasn't raised enough to interfere with the wood being glued down. I have seen other tutorials like this one or tutorials where they changed the plastic clips to washers and flat head screws.

St. Patrick's Day Treat Bags

 This was a great activity for my 4 year old and I to do together. She worked on counting, organizing and colors and also about giving and sharing. She counted out 5 rolos, 10 mini marshmellows, and made the rainbow with the licorice.
 I put the licorice in and she put the other items in and then I closed it with a twist tie and ribbon. Very easy and fun project to do together.

Cowboy Costume-Happy Birthday Carson

I used this tutorial over at Dana Made It to make the vest
I used the tutorial over at Lilybug Designs as my inspiration for the chaps but I had to come up my own pattern. There is also this  tutorial to make the chaps or there is this tutorial as well which will work well. I made a belt out of fabric and put it through the jeans belt loops and the chaps loops I made. The chaps were made out of faux leather. The vest was made out of a non-pilling fleece.

I also made mustache tattoos with my inkjet printer and silhouette machine. Add a cute pin on sheriffs badge and some handcuffs and you have a great birthday present.
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