Crafty Crayon Apron

One of my college friends little girl is turning 3 and instead of buying her a gift I thought I would make her something. It is a craft apron that has slots sewn in for crayons, markers, or paint brushes. Her name is Samantha but goes by Sam so I embroidered her name using my sewing machines embroidery feature. This machine can make anyone look like a pro.
I used a 2 large square pieces of fabric sewed them together and flipped them so the seam would be on the inside. I then foled the top 2 corners down determined where I wanted them to be and cut the corners off, I then sewed the holes closed. I folded the cut off corners down to leave about an inch hold and sewed along the edge to create a pocket for the ribbon to go through. I threaded a ribbon through the sewn slots for the neck and back tie so it will slide along and be the perfect height from her neck. The crayon part was made by making the apron a little longer and then foling it up and sewing vertical lines.


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