Fondant Butterflies

A friend and neighbor's daughter is having her 3rd birthday and I offered to make the cupcake toppers for them. Her girls are so cute and girly and her youngest is only 3 months older than Karysn. She was going to make chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and at first I told her I could make flowers for them but I remembered I just got a new butterfly cutter and decided to make blue sparkly butterflies.

After I cut them out I colored the center with a food color marker and dry dusted them with African Violet petal dust and purple pixie disco dust. I them placed them inside folded cardboard with wax paper on top to dry . A few of them broke but with some creative placement on the frosting you can't really tell.
Before and After Petal Dust


Brie said...

That's going to be one happy birthday girl. Nice work!

Meghan Elizabeth said...

where did you get the butterflie cutter? I want to put butterflies up my shower cake in a trail and these are adorable

Liz H said...

I got mine over at global sugarart here is the website,%20Lady%20Birds%20and%20Bees%20Patchwork%20Cutters

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