Fondant Succulents

I made this cake and cupcakes for my sisters wedding which was a small ceremony on Friday and then a reception on Saturday. She was specific in what she wanted on Saturday and told me I could do whatever I wanted on Friday.

Her colors were green and brown and had a nature feel. My friend stephanie did a cake with a large succulent on it and I was inspired to do this cake from that. I used my flower petal cutters (3 sizes and a rose cutter to make the different "petals" For the succulent I just attached them with the "pointy side" facing out. I used parchment paper inbetween the petals if they were drooping until they dried and could stand on their own. The cake was red velvet and the cupcakes were a mixture of carrot and blueberry  from the excess batter for the Saturday wedding cake.
I used this cutter set and used these pieces to make the succulents

I followed this tutorial over at Sweet Creations By Stephanie  on how to make fondant dahlias but I just turned the petals around so the pointy parts are facing outward. The other kind of succulents I used the rose cutter and cut the petals apart. I then dusted the edges with purple petal dust (not luster dust)


Crystal T. said...

It was even prettier in person. Thank you for making both of my cakes and the cupcakes, too!

Tara said...

These fondant succulents are beautiful! I am doing the cupcakes for my friend's wedding and she has a succulent theme, do you mind me asking where you bought the fondant cutters to make the leaves?

Liz H said...

I will update the post with the cutters that I used/tutorial I used.

Jerianne said...

This is so amazing. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Elizabeth Hefley said...

Your welcome, thanks for stopping by and looking

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