Happy Birthday Anita

This weekend we celebrated my good friend Anita's birthday. She says she turned 29 for the third time, but I know better. On Saturday night we had the second annual Seafood boil at her house and it was awesome, more about that later. I made the cake for the event and decided to make her an Ipod shaped cake since she loves to run. Her sister has a birthday on the same day (today actually) and I put both of their names on the cake. I was going to make the headphones but with all of the other baking, working, childcare I didn't have time, I think it turned out cute anyway. Flavor was Vanilla bean with raspberry puree filling and raspberry buttercream.
Last year at the first seafood boil I made her cake to look like a hat box with quilting and small fondant flowers. I also made cupcakes to go along with it. By the looks of it you would swear her favorite color was pink. The cake below was one of my first attempts at covering a cake with fondant. I intentionally tried to taper the cake at the bottom, it turned out ok.



2010 birthday cake


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