Portland to Coast Walk Relay

Every year on the weekend before labor day there is a huge event call the Hood to Coast Relay Run and Portland to Coast relay walk.  We had 12 people in our team of 2 vans. Over 1500 teams compete in the largest relay in the world. People come for all over and several other countries to compete. This year Office Max sponsored it and after the 197 run or 127 mile walk there is a great beach party with beer gardens and bands. Everyone decorates their cars and dresses up, it is really fun. This is the second year I participated and let me tell you this year was a lot easier than last year.

Last year I was 8 months pregnant, the most pregnant person we found (I did find a girl who was 6 months pregnant). Last year I walked a 4.67 mile leg and then about 16 hours later I walked 5.79 more miles---in the pitch black. My first leg I walked in about 14 minute miles the second was much slower at 17.5 minute miles.
This year I did a 7.25mile leg  (leg 16)and then 5.79 mile leg (leg 27)  and completed each in about 12 minute miles. We finished the relay in just over 28 hours and we placed 5th in the Corporate Womans division. Our team, The Last Gasp is sponsored by my job. This year was also easier because I knew what to expect and had a few close friends join me for my team. After winning 5th place it sure does make you competitive and want to push yourself harder for next year. Maybe next year I will try the Hood to Coast Run, 3 legs of 3-7 miles each, 900 teams. Craziness.

                                                         2009 (8 months Pregnant)



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