Burnt Edge Ribbon Flower Barrette

I saw this awesome flower on little birdie secrets blog and instantly wanted to make one. First I covered an alligator clip with ribbon as shown in a previous blog.

Then using satin ribbon cut  circular pieces of various sizes (I cut 5 pieces) I used 3 inch ribbon which was my largest circle and then tapered the "petals" from there. Using a candle and tweezers gently melt the edges of the ribbon (similar to heat sealing) all the way around each "petal". Then stack up all of your layers. I then used small black bead for the middle which I secured through all of the petals. If you really didn't want to sew you could hot glue each petal to the one above/below it and then glue buttons/beads etc to to the top  center of the flower. I then just hot glued the finished flower to the ribbon covered alligator clip.
Also at Little Birdie Secrets is a tutorial on how to make organza flowers (very similar to these ribbon flowers


Tawnee said...

So now that I have super short hair I am trying to find things to accessorize with and when I saw this I told my mom I had to have one! She just told me to make it myself but it wouldnt be the same since your so good at it! :-) Sooo if you ever have some down time and wanted to make me one I would probably make you cookies in return :-)

Thanks :-)
Tawnee McAfee (KC's Daughter) :-)

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