Chocolate Covered Oreos

My new favorite find is chocolate transfer sheets, I can't believe how easy they are to work with and they can make any treat seem more luxurious and decadent.
To make these oreos I used a mold but you can just dip oreos in chocolate and let them dry on wax paper or a silpad. You will need to cut the transfer paper into squares slightly bigger than the oreo (or mold cavity). When using the mold I placed a small amount of chocolate into the mold then the oreo and then topped it with more chocolate. Quickly place the transfer sheet on top of the still wet chocolate and gently press down so all of the paper is touching.
I then put the oreos in the freezer for about 10minutes until the chocolate hardened then removed the oreos from the mold and the transfer paper from the tops of the oreos. I did try to cut the transfer sheets in a circle and place in the bottom of the mold before adding the oreo but the transfer sheet did not seem to make contact with the chocolate enough and did not adhere well.
I love this paper and it comes in so many colors and textures.


Bakers Treats said...

Hi what is the mold that you use if you dont mind sharing.

Liz H said...

I just used a plain round oreo/soap mold (I got mine at a bake shop in Portland, OR but I have seen them for sale on ebay for a couple of dollars. I tried to put the chocolate transfer sheet inside the wells before making the oreos but they didn't turn out so great that way because the transfer sheet didn't have full contact with the chocolate. SO I had to put them on the bottoms of the oreos

Vanessa said...

where do you buy the transfer sheets?

Anonymous said...

I have gotten them here at fancy flours:

and here at global sugar art:

depending on teh design I am looking for.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your posting. You are the only one I could find online to answer my question about how to use those transfer sheets when making chocolate covered oreos. Thank you!

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