How to make ladybug crayons

Aren't these super cute! I made these using a large chocolate mold and crayons I got from the dollar store. To make you will need several tin cans and crayons of your choice. Unwrap your crayons and similar colors into a tin can. 
Place the tin can in a water bath on the stove and let the crayons melt. I made my ladybugs multicolors and melted several colors in various tin cans and then layered them by pouring one color in, letting it set for ~1 minute and then gently pour a different color into the mold so they don't all just mix together and the only color you end up with is brown/black. Let them dry overnight or several hours and then pop them out. These are great for little hands and will draw in a rainbow of colors as they are used if you layer the colors. I put them in the favor boxes with a homemade ladybug coloring book.


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