Karsyn's Kitchen

I found a blog called homemade by jill and I love her designs/crafts and sewing projects. One particular project that caught my eye was the kitchen she made her son out of a nightstand. While I was looking at this project  I came across another blog designdazzle that I absolutely fell in love with!

A kitchen out of an entertainment center! So I immediately started a list of things we would need and enlisted the help of my husband. I found an entertainment center at goodwill for $22 and a bowl for the sink there too for $1. The sink faucet  is the letter J and I bought knobs for the stove and sink faucets.
The oven knob I got at an appliance store that had some laying around. The burners are spiral wood pieces I bought at joanns and spray pained red. My husband used scrap wood to build a microwave and phone holder.
I bought I 1" square dowel and my husband cut it into small pieces that I painted to look like tiles. We bought a small, thin piece of MDF that we cut for the doors of the fridge/freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven. Chalkboard paint was used  on the sides. I am busy whipping up a whole grocery store of felt food for her to play with.
We found a picture from the internet for the window and he framed it with scrap wood left over from my wainscotting project in my dining room.
I found a free pattern for a chefs hat and also am sewing her a hot mit, apron and a curtain for her "window". A few plastic dishes, pots and pans, and utensils I found at the goodwill/dollar store and her kitchen is complete.I am also working on the felt food for her kitchen which I will blog about later. I think I had more fun making this for her than she will ever have playing with it. I am so glad we made this for her, of course I could have gone out and bought her one but where is the fun in that?


Brie said...

nice work mom! I love all the little touches...and I am sure she will have years of fun playing with it.

Liz H said...


Richard C. Lambert said...

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