ladybug chocolates

These ladybug chocolates were actually super easy to make and they looked great on the candy table!

To make these adorable chocolate ladybugs you will need chocolate (I used chocolate chips but you can use any kind of chocolate you would like), red candy melts, chocolate mold and a paintbrush.

First you will need to melt the chocolate and the candy melts in separate container. I put mine in coffee cups and microwaved a 1 minute intervals and stirred until smooth and melty.  Then using your clean food safe paintbrush, brush some of the colored candy melts in the areas you want colored. I just painted the wings. You could also paint chocolate dots first, let that dry and then paint the red chocolate melts on top too. Once you have painted the areas you want fill the mold with the melted chocolate. Tap on the counter to release air bubbles and place in the fridge or freezer until hardened (~15minutes)

Gently pop them out of the molds and you have fabulous treats that look expensive and difficult to make.


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