Pinwheel Bow

These pinwheel bows may look hard but I recently watched this Tutorial on You Tube and it makes it really simple. You can use any width of ribbon you would like but to make them look symmetrical:
To make a 3 inch bow you will need about a 20 inch long piece of ribbon (7/8 inches wide)
To make a 4.5 inch bow you will need about a 24 inch long piece of ribbon (1 1/2 inches wide)

Fold the ribbon as shown in the video and pinch in the center and sew through all layers, then cut a small piece of ribbon to cover the center, wrap around and fold the end under so it won't fray and sew. You won't want to sew all of the way through because
1. You will be able to see it on the nice side and
2. You won't be able to put a clip through the back of the bow so you can secure it to a headband or hair.

Once you slip the barette into the back you can make it permanent by whip stitching it to the back of the center of the bow.


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