Cherry Blossom Pillow

When I found out I was having a girl I thought about what I wanted her room to be decorated like, I always thought I would do yellow or purple but I fell in love with cherry blossoms and her room turned out to be bathed in pepto-bismol pink. Its cute but it totally screams girl, which is probably good since at almost one she still doesn't have any hair. Even in a dress or pink people continue to ask me if she is a boy!

To make this pillow I bought a premade pillow at Ikea (I know, I cheated) cut out 2 pieces of white super soft felt and then drew out a basic tree trunk with a few branches on a piece of paper. When I had what I wanted I cut it out, pinned it to a piece of felt and cut it out. I did the same for the flowers but only cut a large flower shape, cut out all of the large pieces then trimmed that flower down and repeated until I made the smallest flower. I machine stiched the tree trunk onto the felt then hand tacked the flowers on by stacking them up and sewing an X in the center a few times. I then blanket stiched the two pieces of felt around the pillow. Super cute, cheap and easy.


Ksenia Pikuleva-Alvarez said...

I just LOVE it!

Tanveer Shah said...

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