Homemade Hot Chocolate Gifts

Over the weekend I decided to try making homemade marshmallows and they turned out really good so I packaged them up with some hot cocoa mix and chocolate chips in a mason jar to give away to friends and neighbors for gifts. I just got a silhouette machine for christmas and this was my first try at making something with it. I created stickers for the tops of the jars in Microsoft Paint and transferred the design to the Silhouette software and then created the tags in the silhouette software.
They both came out really cute! I am still working the kinks out of using the Silhouette but I love it so far. It would have taken me forever to cut all of them out by hand as well as several tools.

Fill the jars about 1/2 full with cocoa mix *(I used premade but you can make your own fairly easily) I then wiped the cocoa poweder off the inside of the jars with a paper towel to make them prettier.
Add chocolate chips on top of the cocoa mix ~1/2 -1 cup. The chocolate chips are super pretty in the jars and they make the cocoa even more rich and creamy. Save room for the homemade marshmallows!

Screw on the lid, add your label. I then cut small squares of fabric to top off the jars and tied them with some thin embroidery floss (ribbon or twine also works well here) and attached the tag I made.


homemade baby gifts said...

That is the neatest idea! I really love this!

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