Karsyns Blanket

I found this AMAZING site called Spoonflower  where you can acutally make your own fabric designs. They are pretty reasonable in price and you can order as many or as few yards as you want. Also other people can purchase your fabric and if they do you get a commission.

 I created this pattern in microsoft paint and then saved it as a  JPG document. (They only accept TIF, JPG, PNG, GIF, AI, EPS, SVG documents but you can use photos, drawings or clip art). I was kind of skeptical about the quality of the fabric and printing but I got a swatch sample of all of their materials and if you want you can order a sample of your fabric before you commit to a larger amount. I found a really cute blanket idea on Etsy and wanted get one, but thought it would be more fun to try to do it myself. I even managed to get two blankets out of the yard of organic cotton I purchased because they are 56"wide and I wanted to make a comfort blanket for my daughter to nap with. I was going to do a binding but decided to just fold over the back material. I also added a thin layer of batting in between to give it some substance and sewed around a few of the squares to bind the whole thing together.

Karsyn LOVES the pink one with the soft swirly "roses"


Brie said...

I credit you for my stalking of the spoonflower site now. I found a few that I like (for throw pillows), but have yet to narrow them down. I don't think I am gutsy enough to design my own yet. Her blankets are so cute!

www.sweetcreationsbystephanie.com said...

crap..and now I credit you for my stalking of Spoonflower site now.

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