Newborn Gown from a T-shirt

I found this great tutorial over at This Mama Makes Stuff and thought I would give it a shot. I usually suck at sewing anything that needs to be worn and most of the time when I try it ends up being outdated by the time I finish but I figured I had nothing to loose on this. I just used an old T-shirt of my husbands but you can use 1/2 yard of fabric if you wanted too. 

I cut the sleeves of the shirt off and opened them up and used them for the gowns sleeves and then opened the shirt up on the sides and strategically placed the pattern to have the back and front designs in the right spots. The pattern says to make it 12inches longer than the pattern but I had the length go all the way to the bottom of the T-shirt. You will need 14" piece of elastic for the bottom which I found out as I was finishing up. I love that the neck opening allows for little heads to go through and I also that it is a surf shirt my husband wore and now it is a miniture version for a much littler person. Very "Mini Me" like. These would be great baby shower gifts too!!


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