Art Table Redo

A friend and neighbor gave Karsyn their art table and small chairs and told me to use my crafty skills to update it. one of the chairs had a cracked leg brace. I forgot to take a picture of the table before I started working on it. I removed the netting from the table that held art supplies and glued and clamped the leg with wood glue. I sprayed the table top with chalkboard paint (4 coats) and then painted the chairs with black spray paint.

Applied cut outs from the Silhouette Machine, and used snack cups to fill in the holes at the end of the table to hold crayons etc. A steel bowl from the goodwill is screwed into the place in the larger hole (it was a net basket)
A roll of paper is held underneath the table, feeds through a slit in the top and is held in place under the wooden stick on the otherside of the table top.


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