Bucket Hat and Fabric Rosettes

I decided to make Karsyn some hats for our upcoming trip to Hawaii. She wasn't blessed in with the hair gene unfortunately and it takes all of my energy to try to keep hats on her head but I figured I would try to make her some cute hats and hope she would leave them alone.

I searched and searched the internet for a free hat pattern and could not find one and it is probably a good thing I didn't because most patterns are for a specific head size and well my daughter has a larger size head so I would have done a lot of work and it wouldn't have fit her.
I used the following tutorials to make the hats and flowers
Fabric Rosette tutorial
You will need to get the circumference of your child head (I added 1 inch for growth) then what I did was divide by 3.14 to get the diameter of the top of the hat and divide that by 2 so I could you a compass to draw a circle on some paper. I used the same dimension to draw the inner circle of the brim and added 3 inches and drew another circle to create the outer circle of the brim. The length of the middle part of the hat is just slightly larger than the circumference of your childs head. When pinning the fabric make sure to match up the edges since it is a circle you will have a slight curve to your pieces you will have to match with the straight center piece. To make a reversible hat you will essentially need to make two hats then put them together and  fold the edges under and topstitch along the brim. I have also used the flowers to make hair barrettes too.


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