Crib and Playard Sheets Tutorial

I love this tutorial over at Bundles of Love  when I was pregnant and had the daunting task of registering for baby stuff and I could not believe the insane price for baby sheets. I mean $20 for a single fitted sheet!!! and most weren't even cute! When I set out to decorate my daughters room I didn't have the intention to make it over the top pink, but I really wanted to do cherry blossoms and so pink it was. So I set out to see if it was possible to make a sheet for her crib and low and behold both the tutorial at Bundles of Love and also at Prudent baby were so helpful and easy to follow.
 All you need is about a piece of fabric 70"x45"(for a crib) or 43"x27" (for a packN play on average) and a piece of elastic 3/8" wide.

Cut the fabric to 70"x45" then cut out a square at each corner that is 8 3/4" x8 3/4". Match up the 2 sides of each square (right sides together) and sew. This makes the fitted corners.
Then I turned the edges under and you can either turn them over twice and sew or if you have a serger you can serge the edges all the way around.
Next cut the elastic into 4 9" pieces and find the center of each piece of elastic and pin it to the corner seam you just created. Then Stretch it as far as it can go in each direction and pin it. Set your sewing machine to stretch stich or zig zag works too and sew along the elastic stretching it out along the fabrics edge. Repeat on all four corners.
And there you have it a fitted crib sheet or pack N play.
I have also made sheets with the rubber sheeting attached to them as well. This is especially helpful in the pack N play where the "mattress" they give you has fabric on it. If you have a diaper malfunction you may want that rubber sheeting  to save the mattress. To add the rubber sheeting cut out the rubber sheeting and sheet material at the same time. but cut the rubber sheeting about 1/4" smaller all the way around. Then cut the corners out as normal and sew the corners. Then turn the edges of the sheet material over twice and over the rubber sheeting. Sew along the edge making sure to catch the sheet edge with the rubber sheeting edge behind it.
Hope that isn't too confusing. I made these sheets awhile ago and am trying to do this by memory.


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