Homemade Go Blankie idea

Homemade "Go-blankie"
So I found this AWESOME idea for a blanket  called a Go-Blankie that you can use in multiple different ways:
1. Tie it onto a car seat handle so it wont fall off
2. Tie it onto the sides of a Baby Bjorn/Ergo carrier
3. Use it as a changing pad
4. Use it as a breast-feeding cover by pulling the drawstrings tight around your neck
5. Tie to the sides of your stroller so it wont fly off when walking/jogging
6. Use as a playtime mat/picnic blanket
7. Pull drawstrings and put blanket over baby's head to protect for sun/rain

I love these blankets, especially in Oregon and figured I would try to make my own with some minky, waterproof backing and ribbon. I sewed a pocket similar to what would be used for a curtain rod and sewed a doubled ribbon on each side of the blanket about 1/3 of the way down from the drawstring ribbon on top. Worked great.


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