Pacifier Ribbon Clip

Who wants a boring run of the mill pacifier clip when you can make a cute custom one easily! You will not want to make these too long for the choking hazard!!!

Supplies Needed:
12-14 inch long piece of ribbon (1/2" - 1" works well)
mitten or suspender clip
Snaps or velcro

 Heat seal the ends of your ribbon then loop one end through the suspender clip and sew along the ribbon a few times to make a secure seam. On the other end you can place a snap or hook and loop tape (I used a snap but you can use velcro that is no-sew and can be applied with heat for a strong hold) just attach one side of the snap to the end of the ribbon then loop around the pacifier handle and mark the spot for the other side of the snap. Secure both sides. You can attach these to babies clothes or to carseats/strollers so they can't throw the binkie overboard.

Here is another perspective on making pacifier clips.


HeroCakePops said...

What a great idea! I am eight week prego and going to have to make a ton of these now!

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