Felt Barrettes

For these clips I used the pattern from this website or you can use the one from The Purl Bee. Once you cut out the felt pieces you can embelish them with buttons etc or wait until blanket stitched and then glue embelishments onto them such as buttons, gems, or felt pieces.

Other bow tutorials I have found helpful or websites to get some really cute ideas:

Rose Hair clips

I found this adorable rose hair barrette pattern on Thepurlbee that even had a free, yes FREE pattern.It was super easy and I used the pattern that covers the clips to make basic clips that can be worn plain or w/ other flowers, bows or buttons attached to them. More on that to come in a different blog  You could also attach the roses to hairbands or headbands.

Crafty Crayon Apron

One of my college friends little girl is turning 3 and instead of buying her a gift I thought I would make her something. It is a craft apron that has slots sewn in for crayons, markers, or paint brushes. Her name is Samantha but goes by Sam so I embroidered her name using my sewing machines embroidery feature. This machine can make anyone look like a pro.

Coconut Cupcakes

Coconut Cupcakes
So I wanted to make these since I found the most gorgeous coconut flakes from Bob's Red Mill here in Oregon. I didn't have a lot of time so I "cheated" and used a box mix....I know, I know but sometimes you just have to. So I used a white cake mix and substituted coconut milk for the water and oil (because we know how fattening coconut milk can be) and used 3 egg whites as the box asked for.

How to make Cupcake wrappers

I love making my own cupcake wrappers, it is super easy to do and you can get exactily what you want. I have seen the intricate ones you can buy from websites or even the ones you can make with machines like the cricut machine or the silhouette but you can make them on your own and I have even made them out of doilies like these:  

Twin onsie baby shower cakes

Somehow last week I managed the impossible with the help of my husband and my mom to make both of my sisters wedding cakes, some cupcakes and twin baby shower cake for a co-worker. The boy cake was chocolate and the girl cake was vanilla.

Recycled Wedding Centerpieces

My sister recently got married and her and her husband are very Earth-friendly/Earth Conscious and had a "green" wedding. All of the plates, napkins, utensils and even garbage bags were compostable (I didn't know they even made such a thing).

Fondant Dahlia's

I used this tutorial to make the various dahlias. Some of them I made smaller and had them more closed by placing them in cupcake tins, others I let be more open and flat.

Fondant Succulents

I made this cake and cupcakes for my sisters wedding which was a small ceremony on Friday and then a reception on Saturday. She was specific in what she wanted on Saturday and told me I could do whatever I wanted on Friday.

My Sisters Wedding Cakes

For my sisters wedding I volunteered to make the wedding cake and started right away trying to figure out recipes. My sisters favorite cake is Carrot with cream cheese frosting so I had to come up with a couple other flavors that go with cream cheese frosting but that are different enough that people who don't like carrot could have other choices. We settled on Blueberry Cake (which is her husband-to-be's favorite pie), Carrot for the middle layer, and red velvet for the bottom tier.

How to make Buttercream Marshmallow Fondant

I found this recipe on Cake Central and decided I would give it a shot, I love marshmallow fondant it tastes great and act very similarly to regular fondant, but is cheaper. The original recipe was great but unless you used it right when you make it marshmellow fondant can be hard to use and really makes you work hard to knead it and can crack more compared to the traditional (non-marshmellow) fondant. I figured for small decorations/flowers/pieces I would use Satin Ice fondant (tastes better than Wilton's in my opinion), but to save money and for a better taste I would cover large areas and cakes with a homemade marshmellow fondant.  The added corn syrup helps with the pliability and using the dough hook on my kitchen aid mixer was an amazing "why didn't I think of that moment"

How to Bake Cakes Larger than 10-12inches

I made my sisters wedding cakes this past weekend which was a huge untertaking but it turned out great and was something I was excited to accomplish. I made a three tiered cake: sizes were 6" 10" and 14". At a class I took  it was recommended that you have about 4" size differences between each layer. The largest layer can be tricky to get completely baked throughout without burning the outside. First of all I used the "bake even strips" from Wilton. These will keep your cake from forming a huge dome shape and will help keep the outside from cooking too fast compared to the inside.

Fondant Butterflies

A friend and neighbor's daughter is having her 3rd birthday and I offered to make the cupcake toppers for them. Her girls are so cute and girly and her youngest is only 3 months older than Karysn. She was going to make chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and at first I told her I could make flowers for them but I remembered I just got a new butterfly cutter and decided to make blue sparkly butterflies.

Zebra Cupcakes

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes w/ Vanilla Italian Meringue Buttercream and Black sprinkles

Seafood Boil Party

So for my friend Anita's birthday she has started the tradition of doing a seafood boil with friends and family. This is the second year we did this and it was so much fun. You gather up a bunch of people and a bunch of food, cook it in a HUGE pot  (we had to use two of those turkey deep frying pots) and when its done cooking pour it out on newspaper on the table and dig in!
The most important part is
1. How you add the ingredients (layers)
2. The seasoning. We use Old Bay Seasoning

Happy Birthday Anita

This weekend we celebrated my good friend Anita's birthday. She says she turned 29 for the third time, but I know better. On Saturday night we had the second annual Seafood boil at her house and it was awesome, more about that later. I made the cake for the event and decided to make her an Ipod shaped cake since she loves to run. Her sister has a birthday on the same day (today actually) and I put both of their names on the cake. I was going to make the headphones but with all of the other baking, working, childcare I didn't have time, I think it turned out cute anyway. Flavor was Vanilla bean with raspberry puree filling and raspberry buttercream.
Last year at the first seafood boil I made her cake to look like a hat box with quilting and small fondant flowers. I also made cupcakes to go along with it. By the looks of it you would swear her favorite color was pink. The cake below was one of my first attempts at covering a cake with fondant. I intentionally tried to taper the cake at the bottom, it turned out ok.



Sheep Pillow

I saw this adorable sheep pillow tutorial/free pattern on The Purl Bee and thought I would whip one up for Karsyn. My mom is an amazing embroiderer and I asked her to sew a "branded" K on the rear of the sheep. I have a video monitor on her crib and I catch her playing with the sleep and chewing on his ears quite often. I forgot to take pictures after I first made the sheep, this is after about a month of loving on him by K.

Reversible Shoulder Tie Sun Dress


Pear painting. I found several paintings for inspiration on Etsy and combined several ideas to come up with this painting for over our bed.  John says the one standing up is him and I am the one leaning on him for support. I guess it is fitting since they are on our respective sides of the bed too. I love the colors and it matches our warms rich tones.

Suzie Homemaker Apron

I am still a novice sewer so it is always a great accomplishment to finish a pattern and have it actually look like the picture. I love aprons and my friend Brie made me one for my birthday last year. I love the cute little half aprons like the one Jennifer Aniston wore in "The Breakup" and really wanted on like that so being crafty if you can't find what you want make it!

Sushi Making Birthday party

I recently took a sushi making class with my husband on one of our rare date nights since having Karsyn at a place in Portland called Hip Cooks and thought it would be fun to do a Make your own sushi night for my birthday. So I made mini green tea "sushi" cakes and bought some mochi. I also bought some delicious Sake from SakeOne in Forest Grove and green tea.

Green Tea "Matcha" sushi cupcakes

For my birthday this year I decided I wanted to have a make your own sushi party and was inspired by hello naomi's sushi cakes. So I figured since green tea is very Japanese I would attempt a green tea cake with green tea buttercream and then cover with fondant.

September 7th Cake

My birthday is on September 7th and I was so surprised to find out that there is an actual September 7th cake from one of my co-woorkers a few years ago. It is a chocolate and coffee flavored mousse cake that is very rich and delicious. There are a lot of steps but if you have people to share it with it is definitely worth the time and energy.

Recipe from Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts:

Rodeo Cupcakes

Chef's Hat

I am in the midst of creating a play kitchen for my daughter and thought what would be more perfect for a play kitchen than a chefs hat. So I was looking for a pattern and I found a great one at You can make this I am not the greatest sewer so I was skeptical I could make this but the directions were really easy to follow and I whipped this out in about 2 hours (including cutting).

Happy Birthday Jamee

A co-worker and long time family friend just had her birthday and I am in love with blue and red color combinations and poppies are so adorable so I whipped up this cake after work and after the baby went to bed last night. With working full time and taking care of my daughter it takes more planning for me to get these things done so I made the flowers over the weekend.

Portland to Coast Walk Relay

Every year on the weekend before labor day there is a huge event call the Hood to Coast Relay Run and Portland to Coast relay walk.  We had 12 people in our team of 2 vans. Over 1500 teams compete in the largest relay in the world. People come for all over and several other countries to compete. This year Office Max sponsored it and after the 197 run or 127 mile walk there is a great beach party with beer gardens and bands. Everyone decorates their cars and dresses up, it is really fun. This is the second year I participated and let me tell you this year was a lot easier than last year.

Bridal Shower Cake

This last Sunday was a very busy day indeed. I left the baby with John (this was my first free day) and drove down to Corvallis (about an hour and a half drive) and did a small amount of shopping before heading to my sisters wedding shower. I had spent the day before making a fabulous salted carame cake inspired by my friend steph, it looked so delicious I decided to try to find a recipe I liked. I made a caramel syrup that I brushed onto the cake and used in the icing and a caramel cake that tasted really good. Everyone seemed to really like the flavor of the cake, although it was so rich only a small piece is needed to satisfy any sweet tooth. My sisters wedding is a "green" theme and so I went with a woody feel and made the cake look like a tree stump with small woodland creatures made of fondant on it, small toadstools and their initials on a fondant heart. She loved the critters so much she took them home with her.
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