Chicken Curry Cups

This is a great appetizer for baby showers, brunches or parties. I have also made this dish and put it on lettuce for a lunch too. I particularly love the little wonton cups you make, they are super easy and versitile. I have used them for shrimp cocktail, desserts like mousses and fruit cups.

Crochet Flowers

I have used these for hair clips/ponytail ties but they would look great on a blouse or on a hat.They are pretty easy to make (once you get the hang of it) but the first few times I watched the video on how to make them I had to pause it about every other second to make sure I knew what I was doing.
This tutorial on You Tube

More Paintings

Baby Bean Bag Chair

I wanted to make my daughter a bean bag chair she could use to watch her signing videos and baby einstein and not have to sit either on the floor or in an exersaucer since I worry everytime whether or not she will fall off the couch. I found a great pattern here and they even have an adult size pattern too. It was super easy and eventhough it cost me about the same amount if I would have just went out and purchased a bean bag I got to customize it to match my living room while at the same time being a fun and festive seat for a child.

Chocolate Cake Pops

Burnt Edge Ribbon Flower Barrette

I saw this awesome flower on little birdie secrets blog and instantly wanted to make one. First I covered an alligator clip with ribbon as shown in a previous blog.

Ribbon Storage

To organize ribbons use a multi-pants hanger and place the spools of ribbon on each rung of the hanger. You can then hang it in a closet and spool off as much ribbon as you want. To keep the ribbon from rolling off when hung up you can use tape or a stick pin to secure the end of the ribbon.

Kids Play Kitchen Apron Apron

How to sew......

Homemade Applesauce

When we purchased our house I decided to mix edible plants/plants that produce food in with regular decorative plants. One of the trees we bought was a hybrid dwarf apple tree, as well as a similar pear and cherry tree. The great thing about these trees is that they are small and they have multiple varieties of apples all grafted onto one tree so in a small space you only need one tree and it can pollinate itself!

Ladybug Coloring Book (add pages I used)

I created a ladybug coloring book as part of the favor boxes, you can download the images here to create your own coloring book. I printed all of the sheets front to back on 8 1/2 x11 inch paper and used a red piece of cardstock for the front cover and glued black circles on the front.

ladybug chocolates

These ladybug chocolates were actually super easy to make and they looked great on the candy table!

To make these adorable chocolate ladybugs you will need chocolate (I used chocolate chips but you can use any kind of chocolate you would like), red candy melts, chocolate mold and a paintbrush.

Tutu Tutorial

I recently made a tutu and onsie for a neighbor friends daughter who just turned one. My friend has cancer and this is her third daughter. Since she has been going through chemotherapy she has been really tired so I offered to help her out (everyone needs a fabulous first birthday party in my opinion) and so I made the outfit, a bib, cupcakes and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks as my gift. Here is the onsie and tutu I made her.

crochet pumpkin hat

Here is a picture of a hat my sister made for Karsyn Isn't it cute!

How to make ladybug crayons

Aren't these super cute! I made these using a large chocolate mold and crayons I got from the dollar store. To make you will need several tin cans and crayons of your choice. Unwrap your crayons and similar colors into a tin can. 

Chocolate Covered Oreos

My new favorite find is chocolate transfer sheets, I can't believe how easy they are to work with and they can make any treat seem more luxurious and decadent.

Karsyn's Birthday favor boxes

Karsyn's favor boxes included homemade ladybug crayons, a bugcatching kit complete with net and tweezers, ladybug coloring book, stickers, and bubbles. I also had ladybug antennae for the kids to wear and sent them home with a shortbread cookie and a balloon if they wanted one.

Ladybug outfit

There were ladybug antennae I made for all of the kids out of black pipe cleaner, styrofoam balls painted red and headbands but Karsyn wouldn't wear hers so we opted for a headband an bow instead.

Karsyn's Kitchen

Karsyn's First Birthday Party Part I

Karsyn's first birthday party was this weekend and it was a huge success. If you can't tell it was ladybug themed and we had way too much food and sweets, but everyone had a good time. I will be posting several tutorials in the next few days on how I made several of the items from the party.

Karsyn's Birthday Party

I am so excited, tomorrow is Karsyn's birthday party...her actual birthday is next Tuesday but we are celebrating with lots of friends and family tomorrow. The first birthday is of course mostly for the parents and I agree, but I don't care...I am celebrating surviving a year of parenthood just as much as we are celebrating her birthday. It will be a special day for the whole family and all of our friends/family that have been on this journey with us. I will have LOTS of projects and recipes coming up from the party so stay tuned.

Baby Headband Tutorial

I found a great tutorial here and here that uses soft tights to make a baby headband. All you do is measure your babies head and cut the length to equal that. You will also need a small piece of ribbon to cover the seam (this is also where you will clip flowers and bows to).

Felt Flower Hair Clip

These are super easy to make all you do is cut out felt flowers of the sizes and shapes you want, stack then up and sew and button in the middle through all of the layers. I then glued a clip to the back which can be used to attach it to hair, clothes or the headband

Hair Barrettes

These bows are pretty easy, all you need is an alligator clip (you can get these at any store or buy in bulk at Sally's beauty supply) some ribbon (the width of your clip) and a hot glue gun.

Pinwheel Bow

These pinwheel bows may look hard but I recently watched this Tutorial on You Tube and it makes it really simple. You can use any width of ribbon you would like but to make them look symmetrical:
To make a 3 inch bow you will need about a 20 inch long piece of ribbon (7/8 inches wide)
To make a 4.5 inch bow you will need about a 24 inch long piece of ribbon (1 1/2 inches wide)
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