Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes

Sorry the picture is so bad. These are my Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes with Sweetened Buttercream
My daughter loves to watch the mixer go and was being crabby so I decided to try to whip these up with her. I cheated and used a box mix but whatever I think they taste great and after you work all day something quick and easy that you can throw together with a 1 year old is great.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Gifts

Over the weekend I decided to try making homemade marshmallows and they turned out really good so I packaged them up with some hot cocoa mix and chocolate chips in a mason jar to give away to friends and neighbors for gifts. I just got a silhouette machine for christmas and this was my first try at making something with it. I created stickers for the tops of the jars in Microsoft Paint and transferred the design to the Silhouette software and then created the tags in the silhouette software.

Homemade Marshmallow Recipe

From Alton Brown

With the cold weather upon us I decided to attempt Homemade Marshmallows for Hot Chocolate and for a gift for some of my neighbors.

Ghost and Pumpkin Cupcakes

These were stuck on a camera I just found, better late than never, I guess the pumpkin ones go with Thanksgiving at least.

Wainscoting in Dining Room

Since Thanksgiving is around the Corner I thought I would post some pictures of my freshly painted and wainscotting bedecked dining room. I have always envied homes with architectural details like wainscotting and wanted it in my own home. My husband was nice enough to fullfill my wish this year.

Santa's Belly Ornaments

I saw a blog make these (sorry, I can't remember the name!-I always try to give credit where credit is due). I bought some clear glass ornaments at Michaels, used some left over scrapbook paper from Karsyns birthday, black and white puffy paint.

Cut the paper into strips they can be various widths if you would like. I used 1/2 strips. Gently remove the top of the ornament. Using  a pencil or pen and wind the paper around it and then pull it off the end. I then made sure it was a super tight curl and stuffed it into the ornament where is loosened up a little. Continue until Santa's belly is suficiently full. Replace the top.  

I then masked off the black belt area with blue painters tape and filled in the belt but if you are awesome at free hand painting go for it. Once dried remove the tape and paint a white or silver belt buckle onto the belt. Tie a ribbon on top to hang. Great hostess gift, or I think the blog I found this on used it for a craft project for Sunday School

Newborn Gown from a T-shirt

I found this great tutorial over at This Mama Makes Stuff and thought I would give it a shot. I usually suck at sewing anything that needs to be worn and most of the time when I try it ends up being outdated by the time I finish but I figured I had nothing to loose on this. I just used an old T-shirt of my husbands but you can use 1/2 yard of fabric if you wanted too. 

Karsyns Blanket

I found this AMAZING site called Spoonflower  where you can acutally make your own fabric designs. They are pretty reasonable in price and you can order as many or as few yards as you want. Also other people can purchase your fabric and if they do you get a commission.

Cherry Blossom Pillow

When I found out I was having a girl I thought about what I wanted her room to be decorated like, I always thought I would do yellow or purple but I fell in love with cherry blossoms and her room turned out to be bathed in pepto-bismol pink. Its cute but it totally screams girl, which is probably good since at almost one she still doesn't have any hair. Even in a dress or pink people continue to ask me if she is a boy!

Flower Cupcakes

Vanilla Cupcakes with lavendar buttercream and Fondant flowers on top

Silk Hostess Apron

I saw an adorable hostess apron on the web and thought I would try to recreate it as a gift for a good friends birthday. I created the pattern by drawing a 1/4 circle on a sheet of butcher paper to the size I wanted an then placing it on the fold before cuttign it out (repeated for the back lining) 

Utensil Canister

I made this utensil canister for Karsyn's play kitchen. I repurposed the tin cans covered in cork from my sisters wedding.  and covered the center with a strip of red scrapbook paper and then white cardstock and secured them in the back with stick pins (long ones with flat tops so she can't pull them out) and used scrapbook stickers to spell out utensils. I found the wooden spoons at the dollar store and found the red spatula in my baking drawer.

Dry Erase Activity Book

I found a tutorial on the Somewhat Simple website and I LOVE it, what an awesome idea. It is an activity book that you can make in a photo album and using dry erase markers the kids can dry on the vinyl and wipe clean to use over and over again. They give you 20 pages and you can adjust the size and print out on card stock and I then glued them to fun scrapbook papers and slipped them into the page protectors.

Pink Ribbon Charity Cupcakes

Traveling High Chair

We are on our way to San Diego soon and I decided instead of trying to drag a high chair with or do without one I would make a traveling high chair that I could use while I am gone and take it to friends houses for dinner parties etc.

Pancake/Cupcake Pen

I love this thing!!! let me tell you how easy it is to make pancakes with the bonus feature of making mini and regular size cupcakes too. Just screw off the top, fill it with the batter of your choice and squeeze onto a griddle or into the cupcake papers.
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