Ambigram sweatshirt

Here is my latest creation with the Silhouette Cutter. Pretty excited about this one!
It is still to big for Karsyn but better too big than too small.

Back wings
Our last name (Hefley) one way
An ambigram is a word that spells something one way and when rotated upside down it can either spell the same thing or can spell something else. It is mostly the font used, some words work and some don't lucky for me Karsyn Hefley was a great ambigram. I found an ambigram generator over at Wow Tattoo and once I had it you can import the image into the silhouette cutter and trace around it.
I used pink flocked heat transfer material and it worked amazingly well. Most important thing when you are using the flocked heat transfer material is to mirror your words horizonally (even ambigrams) or they will be backwards when you iron them on.


Crystal T. said...

Very cool! That turned out awesome! I can picture this being on her sweatshirts for years to come.

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