Diaper changing pad cover

I saw a tutorial for a contour changing pad cover and since I felt the sheets were pretty straight forward I thought I would give this changing pad cover a shot as well since they are pretty pricy and not always exactly the color or pattern you want. I chose a nice soft fannel material and got 1 yard of 45"wide fabric and 4 8"pieces of 3/8" elastic (* I used the left over from the sheets*)

I followed the tutorial over at prudent baby and cut the yard into 43.5"x29.5" and cut a 5 3/4 " square from each corner (just like the sheets)
Sew the corners of the square together (right sides together)
I then turned the edge over 1/4" all the way around and zigzag stiched the edge (feel free to use a serger if you have one)
Then ZigZag stitch the elastic pieces onto each corner, stretching the elastic as you go. When you finish the elastic will bunch up the fabric on he corners. My changing pad had straps to hold the baby down and I placed the cover on the pad and marked the length of the straps and position and used my sewing machines button hole feature to create finished button holes for the straps to go through.


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