Felt Food 1

Look at those teeth!
I have been slowly making felt food items for my daughters kitchen. I will be posting several of the items I have made, some tutorials and websites I have found useful for other tutorials and other ideas I am working on. Here I made chocolate chip cookies, pancakes w/ syrup and butter, waffles, a banana that the banana comes out of the peel, banana slices, swiss cheese and eggs. I just used the plastic eggs from Easter for the containers and my daughter loves that she can "crack them open".
I would say I did 70% of these by hand but they can easily all be done on the sewing machine. I liked doing embroidered stitching and blanket stitching on the edges as you can see on the cookies above. Some items like the banana and other fruits I will show soon I did on the machine where the stitching looked better hidden inside.


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