Felt pancakes

To make the pancakes you will need:
  • 2 tan circles (I used the top of a coffee cup)
  • 2 cream circles (slightly larger than the tan circles)
  • brown felt cut into a random "syrup" shape you like
  • 1 yellow square felt piece the size of a dollop of butter.
  • brown, tan and yellow embroidery floss

You will first need to cut all of your pieces out and then I stacked them all up to make sure I like the look of everything. Next sew the butter onto the syrup. Then sew the syrup onto the top tan circle. Once that was completed I stacked this syrup/tan circle ontop of the 2 cream circles and put the last tan circle on the bottom. I used tan embroidery floss and went around the edge of the tan circle. I wanted the top and bottom to look nice so I sewed the sssslllloooowwww way and went up and down checking the spacing of the stitches as I went on both top and bottom so they weren't clumped together and ugly on one side.


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