Print and Cut Heat Transfer Onsie and Bib

 I played around some more with my Silhouette machine and used the print and cut heat transfer paper. It was a bit tricky at first but so cute when I finally got it down. I would definitely suggest trying it on plain paper first. I selected my design then filled them with the colors I liked and used the ofset tool to create a border around my design that would be clear.
I just printed it on my ink jet printer (make sure the registration marks are on when you print) then load the paper on the (lighter adhesive carrier sheet) and detect the registration marks. I was having trouble with my machine detecting my registration marks so make sure your machine is set at letter setting.
If you have words in your design make sure you mirror them. Another thing I learned is to iron them on, let them cool and them attempt to remove the backing. If it wont come easily reheat and cool and then remove the backing. Once you remove the backing do not reheat the design or attempt to place the backing back on to reheat....Let me just say IT DOESN'T WORK


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