Felt Cupcakes

I used a cupcake wrapper template over at Skip to my Lou estimated a circle for the bottom and top of the cupcake once I sewed the wrapper template up.

Do you feel lucky? Upcycled green vases

I asked my friend who drinks Pelligrino to save me a couple of bottles and I cut several different shamrock patterns out on my silhouette machine in the adhesive vinyl  then used the glass etching cream to create several cute St. Patty's Day vases.

Felt Fishing Game

My friend Brie found this adorable fishing game and I just had to make one for my daughter and while I was at it I made a second one to give away as a gift. There is a great tutorial over at craftgossip that I slightly tweeked.

Golf Course Cake

Felt Potato Chips

Felt Veggies and Fruit

Here are some more pictures of the items I have made

Felt Veggies

Clockwise: Lime, Lemon, Onion, Corn on the cobb (removable), banana (removable), raviolis, grapefruit halves (I glued magnets under the white felt so they would attach-and she could pretend cut), Kiwi halves(also has a magnet), carrot

Felt Head of Lettuce

I used 2 colors of green to give it a little bit more realistic look. This one wasn't the easiest piece I have made and I just kind of made it up as I went along. I pretty much cut a square piece of felt and stitched around the edge (slip stitch) and pulled it to bunch it up then stuffed it with fiber fill. I hand stitched the veining on the top and cut leaves out of the colors (ovals) about the same size as the square and just bunched and stiched on the leaves (small stitches so they wouldn't show too much.

Felt Tomatoes

Back to the felt food tutorials, I made some tomato slices for play sandwiches and hamburgers. I followed the tutorial over at One Inch World for a more realistic look only stitch the outside rim of the top piece of felt so the inner part of each tomato is loose and dimensional. these are a bit of work because you have to do the same on both sides of each "slice of tomato"

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I saw these amazing cupcakes over at  Ucreatefoods and I just had to try to make them. I mean Chocolate chip cookie dough and a cupcake....Yummy.

Hawaii 2011

Here are some pictures from our trip to Hawaii (the Big Island). My husband got to go fishing and caught 2 Mahi Mahi and a 189 pound Marlin. He was going to release the Marlin because that is actually small (can you belive it) for that kind of fish, but the hook was stuck too far back. We went Kayaking and snorkeling, scuba diving and just relaxed. My mom, sister and her husband all came with and shared baby duty so we could all have fun.
My daughter was actually really good on the plane thanks to some massive planning. We flew to San Diego in November and lets just say it didnt go so well. So this time I had an arsenal of toys, movies and games with me. And luckily we had three seats across with just my husband and I so she had her own seat. Let me just say that Ipads are a godsend for things like this.
My husband went to school in Hilo for a while so he know some good places to go but we use "The Big Island Revealed" Guide Book and found a lot of places he hadn't even heard of or seen before. There is one for each island and they are worth the money for sure.

City of Refuge

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Sorry for being MIA lately, I was on vacation in Hawaii for 8 days, it was so nice and I am kind of sad to be back in rainy old Oregon and back at work. I made these red velvet cupcakes before I left and froze them knowing I would want to take some cupcakes to work for Valentines day but also aware that we got in really late last night. I will post some pics of our trip soon.

Felt Needle book

I made this cute little needle book to hold my embroidery needles. I just used 1 piece of white felt (cut in half) and 1/2 sheet of the bright pink felt. This will give you 4 pages of white felt and the cover. I trimed the corners round and hand sticked around the edge of the pink sheet. After I stacked them all together I blanket stitched the "binding of the book"

Felt Pizza

I made a felt pizza for Karsyn's Kitchen. Cut 2 pieces of tan felt (about the size of a dinner plate). I then cut a piece of cream felt slightly smaller with wavy edges and stacked them all up. I machine stitched about 1.5inches from the edge to create the inner crust edge. Then I hand stitched the red rick rack along the boarder of the cream felt for the sauce.
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