Felt Fishing Game

My friend Brie found this adorable fishing game and I just had to make one for my daughter and while I was at it I made a second one to give away as a gift. There is a great tutorial over at craftgossip that I slightly tweeked.

Make sure when you get the candle holders (for the ends of the fishing pole) you get ones with 1" openings. I first got ones that said one inch and when I got home they didn't fit (closer inspection showed the openings were 3/4"-too small for the 1/2" thick dowels).

I made the fishing basket weaved (like a Creel). Trust me you must LOVE your child a lot to do this, it was much more work than simply cutting out a top and bottom of the basket and sewing it on, but came out super cute.

I didn't like the fish they offered so I found a coloring book page on line and used it. This is the website I used and it has several cute options and I left off most of the lines on the fish, I wanted them to be pretty simple looking.
The water lily was sewn on to the blue felt before the blue felt was attached to the green so there would be less stitching showing through the back side of the game.

Each fish and worm has a SUPER strong magnet glued inside of them so that they would attract each other. I got mine on Amazon, here is the link to the ones I bought. Everything else I got at Joanns. The fishes eyes are black pearl beads I sewed on, and I just embroidered eyes onto the worms. Make sure you don't stuff your fish or make them too heavy or even your super strong magnets won't pick up the fish.


Brie said...

Oooh, it turned out so cute!
I've got another "felt" project for you..I'll email you the link.

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