Felt Head of Lettuce

I used 2 colors of green to give it a little bit more realistic look. This one wasn't the easiest piece I have made and I just kind of made it up as I went along. I pretty much cut a square piece of felt and stitched around the edge (slip stitch) and pulled it to bunch it up then stuffed it with fiber fill. I hand stitched the veining on the top and cut leaves out of the colors (ovals) about the same size as the square and just bunched and stiched on the leaves (small stitches so they wouldn't show too much.

At this point in the process the top was looking pretty good and the bottom was a mess. Once I had the leaves the way I wanted I folded the bottom of the leaves over the opening on the bottom (in the order they were applied) and stitched a circle through all the layers to make the bottom nice.

Kind of looks like butter lettuce. Don't you think?


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