Felt Potato Chips

I found a pattern for felt chips and a bag and decided Karsyn needed some to go along with her sandwich. Just fold a piece of felt over and sew vertical lines about 1/4 inch apart and then I used pinking shears to cut out chips about 2 inches in diameter, I did vary the size a bit too because chips aren't always the same size.


JinnyJam said...

the chips look great! i've been looking for chips to go with my daughter's sandwich. how do you keep the stitching from falling apart once you cut out all the chip shapes?

Liz H said...

It might be that my daughter isn't very rough with her things but I haven't noticed any fraying or the ends or unraveling of the stitching and she has been playing with them for about 2 years now. My machine also has a stitch that allows me to stitch 3 rows (on top of one another) that may make the stitching stiffer and prevent unraveling too.

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