Hawaii 2011

Here are some pictures from our trip to Hawaii (the Big Island). My husband got to go fishing and caught 2 Mahi Mahi and a 189 pound Marlin. He was going to release the Marlin because that is actually small (can you belive it) for that kind of fish, but the hook was stuck too far back. We went Kayaking and snorkeling, scuba diving and just relaxed. My mom, sister and her husband all came with and shared baby duty so we could all have fun.
My daughter was actually really good on the plane thanks to some massive planning. We flew to San Diego in November and lets just say it didnt go so well. So this time I had an arsenal of toys, movies and games with me. And luckily we had three seats across with just my husband and I so she had her own seat. Let me just say that Ipads are a godsend for things like this.
My husband went to school in Hilo for a while so he know some good places to go but we use "The Big Island Revealed" Guide Book and found a lot of places he hadn't even heard of or seen before. There is one for each island and they are worth the money for sure.

City of Refuge

"Karsyn's Pool" at Waialea Beach
My husbands fish with his friend Captain Bobby Cherry

Playing at the glass beach
Kayaking with my sister

Catching some rays

Turtle (Honu)


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