Camera Strap Cover

Look at my new toy! I am so excited that we finally got a REALLY nice camera. It is a Canon Rebel T2i (did you know Canon has a loyalty program! If you call them and turn in an old broken camera they give you a super deal on a new one (they don't even have to be the same style of camera), we turned in a broken canon elf) and I am sure it will take me forever to learn what all the buttons/features do and get the most out of it, but first I had to cover that ugly camera strap. I mean you have to be fashionable when you are snapping pictures right. So I scoured the internet and found this great tutorial over at Make it and Love it and made a cute little padded camera strap. I tacked it down on both ends so it wont slide around but I if I change my mind I can just cut a few stitches and pull it off and make something else.


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