Felt bacon and eggs

What kitchen is complete with out some felt bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I made the eggs by drawing a squiggly circle (a couple of different ones so all the eggs didn't look the same) and cut out 2 pieces of white felt. I then cut out 1 yellow circle for the yolk. Start by sewing the yolk onto on of the white pieces of felt (by hand or machine) when there is about 1/4" opening left stuff fiberfill inside the yolk then finish stitching closed. Next place the second piece of white felt under the first and stitch around the edge to bind both pieces of white felt together. I wanted to find some white plastic eggs to put them in but I still haven't found any yet, so I just purchased some of the larger plastic eggs they have for Easter.

For the bacon: Cut 2 squiggly rectangles (Is a technical term?) in dark brown and then I embroidered a straight stitch in cream on both pieces (make sure when you are embroidering) you embroider so the embroidery is on the outside when the 2 pieces of felt match up so you can then sew around the edge of the brown felt to bind the 2 pieces together (so all of the ugly knots/strings are on the inside of the bacon).


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