Nursing Cover

I found a great tutorial over at Prudent Baby for a nursing cover, and although I am not breastfeeding currently this cute little number would make any mommy to be excited to breastfeed. Unlike the tutorial I made my reversible and put a sunny yellow fabric on the inside.
When making it reversible I sewed the two pieces together with the right sides facing each other and then left a small hole and turned it inside out. (try to leave the hole at the top where you will have to insert the boning). If you do it this way you will also have to pin the straps in place before sewing all the way around so they are sewn into the nursing cover (I forgot to do this and had to seam rip a hole to place each strap into and then sewed the hole closed by top stitching and creating the little reinforcing square).  I ironed and topstitched the entire piece.  


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