Sewing Machine Pin Holder

I made this super handy pin holder for my sewing machine. As I sew I can just pull pins out and stick them in this pin holder. It is also tight enough to hold my sissors and seam ripper as well. To make take a fabric measuring tape and measure all the way around the machine at the thickest part and meausure the height you want.
Add about 4 inches to your measurement for the (around part) and add about 1 inch to the height. I then took 2 pieces of fabric (with these dimensions) and a piece of batting and sewed them right sides of the fabric facing each other and the batting on the top (make a sandwich =batting-fabric-fabric) sew all the way around (leaving about a 3 inch hole to turn). Turn the fabric right side out (pushing the batting inside now=fabric-batting-fabric). Top stitch all the way around.
Place this piece on your machine and measure where you want to put the velcro. I used heat bonding velcro. Works great. You may want to place one piece of velcro vertically on one side and 2 pieces of velcro laying horizontally on the other side so that your piece can be adjustable (like you see on velcro shoes for kids).


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