Shamrock Surprise Cupcakes

I found this great tutorial over at Kelli's cakes how to make cupcakes with a shamrock in the center when you cut them open! SOOOO Cute, so I thought I would give it a shot too. I didn't have a shamrock cookie cutter so I just used a flower cookie cutter. I made 1 batch of batter and dyed 1/2 green and 1/2 purple (I thought I would make some in a week or 2 with flower center for spring-I wrapped this one in syran wrap and tin foil and froze it).
Sorry for the terrible picture, Best one I could get. I made the frosting by adding white and green frosting to a piping bag (scraped white on one side of the bag and green on the other roughly) and then squeeze some frosting out until it starts to come out blended.


Lynn said...

too cute!!! I love these! Thanks for sharing!

Yaneri said...

Ahh! Finally! I've been looking for a tutorial with pics. I'm a follower of Kelly's Cakes and still didn't get it after reading her post!
Thank U! I can't wait to try this! Now, I know how she made!
Such a cute blog and tons and tons of fun crafty stuff! I just created a new baking blog! If you need any ideas, come on over for a visit!!

Happy Baking!

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