4th Cake Class

I didn't blog about my 3rd cake class because we focused on buttercream flowers, which I did recently in a flower making series (see the previous post here) and I had a super headache that night and nothing I made was awesome so I just scrapped all of the flowers I made and came home about an hour early. I was glad I took the flower class before so I didn't miss anything. 
During the 4th class we made a doll cake.

  I recently did a doll cake for a friends daughter but I did have a few issues with it so I was excited to find out some tips and techniques. When I made the last cake I torted it and filled it with an oreo cream filling but by doing that I found out I made the structure a little weak and it started to "melt" when it sat out of the fridge for a few hours before the party. This cake they had us use two 8" pans and use a paper plate on top to create the dome top. If I was going to send this out I would not have actually done this technique. I didn't like the look of the squared off sides and would have done some carving but for me it was more about learning the structural and frosting techniques.

 We practiced ruffle and zig zag techniques, bows and stars. I also made rosettes because I thought they were super cute. Dusted lightly with pixie dust and made her a necklace and earrings out of pearl dragees.


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