Bib Clips

Have you ever been out to a restaurant and forgot the bib?! Well I know I sure have. Look at how adorable these bib clips turned out. The first one I made I used hair barettes and covered them with felt and sewed a ribbon into the seam of the felt as I was closing it. You can use the pattern over at The Purl Bee to cover over the barrettes. I also made several bib clips using suspender clips (you can usually get these at most fabric stores or on etsy) I used 1"wide ribbon, you will need to measure how long you want the ribbon. I did this with a fabric tape measure. then just add about 1/2" for the seams. You can see in the picture I sewed the ribbon to itself after looping through the suspender clips (first I heat sealed the ribbon to prevent fraying).

They make a great baby shower gift or if you are like me and my husband you put one in every nook and cranny possible to make sure you don't forget "the bib" and end up with a messy child or try tucking the napkin into a toddlers shirt who is wondering what in the heck you think you are doing and gives you the look as if to say "Yeah, right".

Thanks Brie (over at Two of a Kind) for giving me the great idea.


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