Felt Hamburger and Fries

I made some fries and a hamburger a while back for Karsyn's kitchen and forgot to blog about them. So here you go. Crinkle Cut fries and a hamburger with all the fixin's.

Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheese, pickles on a seasame seed bun....isn't that a jingle?
Almost good enough to eat don't you think?
Onion slice-cut 2 circles of white-machine stitch them together with concentric circles

Lettuce- 2 pieces of green felt, make a squiggly shape, pinch the center and stitch both pieces together

Burger-2 pieces of brown felt, embroider black grill marks then sew the together with right sides facing each other, leave small space and turn right side out, fill with fiberfill, sew opening closed

Cheese-2 pieces of yellow felt hand stitched together

Tomato slice

pickles-2 pieces of green felt (each pickle) about the size of a quarter (or a bit larger) stitch the seeds onto each piece then hand stitch the pieces together


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