Poppy Pops (Oreo Cake Pops)

I made these adorable poppy pops for my friend Krista's birthday party. I was originally going to take only these to the party but the guest list exploded because she is one love lady so I decided to add the cake seen here.  These are oreo cake pops (recipe below) dipped in chocolate and then I put a cut out poppy (from my silhouette machine) underneath the poppy which served the dual function of being pretty but also catching any crumbs that may fall off the cake pop when being eaten.

I placed the pops into a bowl with a piece of floral styrofoam in it covered in Easter grass (because that is what I grabbed) but some tissue paper would also work great too.

Oreo Cake Pops:
1 package Oreos
~3/4 can of prepared frosting (or ~1 1/4 cups homemade frosting)*

Place the Oreos into a Food Processor and grind up, add frosting a little at a time until it just comes together (you want it to form a ball in your hand when you squeeze it but not be so wet that it is really doughy and mushy. If it is too "wet" the mixture will fall apart and "melt" off your sticks, TRUST ME I KNOW! I made some in the past with left over cake and added too much frosting thinking it wouldn't be a big deal and was easy to form into balls and scoop out, but as you are trying to dip them the heat of your hands melts them and they fall apart, plus when people eat them they can collapse on them and end up on the floor. Just remember the old saying "LESS IS MORE"
*Note If you use homemade frosting you should use shortening or a mix of shortening and butter, I know it sounds gross but it helps to keep the pops together when they warm up to room temp.

Once you make your "dough" it is time to form them. I used the Wilton Brownie Pop Mold because I like the little bullet shape, but you can hand form them too. I spritzed it with non-stick spray just to be sure they popped out (probably didn't need it) and pressed the mixture into the cavities. I poked a hole into the bottom of each pop with a candy stick and then refridgerated for about an hour, pop them out and repeat keeping the finished ones in the fridge (keep the unmolded mixture at room temperature).
To complete Melt about 2 cups of chocolate (any kind you would like to eat) with about 2 teaspoons of shortening (to thin the chocolate and make it smooth) in a double boiler. You can also just microwave some water until boiling in a large bowl and then place a smaller bowl ontop of the water with the chocolate inside it the heat from the water will melt the chocolate. Reheat the water as needed.
Dip a candy stick into the melted chocolate (about 1/4 inch up the stick)and stick it into the pop to "glue" it onto the stick. You can chill them after this step again for a few minutes if you want. then just coat the pops in chocolate. To make the swirl effect you see on my pops I just twirled the pop on the edge of a spoon which helped to remove some of the excess chocolate with the bonus effect of the pretty swirl. Place upright with the stick in some styrofoam to dry.

The poppies papers are cut out of cardstock on my silhouette machine using a poppy shape that I added a small center hole for the stick to go through. I stacked up the two sizes and then placed them under the pop and placed a small piece of clear tape under the shape around the stick so the paper wouldn't slide down.

Arrange in your container.


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