Silk Dyed Eggs

I saw a tutorial for silk dyed eggs over at Our Best Bites, I had never heard of such a thing and I was amazed at how the image could be transferred so clearly and so easily so I went to the goodwill and found some ties with some really nice patterns. Some are pretty ugly to wear but make really nice eggs.  

This egg didn't turn out the best for the pattern transfer but it was the first trial run we did on the eggs. You have to make sure the silk to placed with the outside fo the tie (the right side) facing the egg. Also make sure you bind the silk tightly to the egg to get the best transfer of the pattern. I tried the twist ties but the rubberbands around the end and then also around the egg itself (like tie-dying) worked the best.
Happy Easter!


Zespri Kiwi fruit Nutritional Values website said...

I have never heard of this method for Easter Eggs. It's fabulous and I have to try it.

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