I was nominated for The Versitile Blogger Award by Stephanie over at Sweet Creations, I am so excited it is my first award in the blogging world! It is really nice to be recognized for doing something I love as a hobby.

Make sure you check out Stephanie's sight. I love her blog and all of her tutorials. Her cupcakes/fondant work are what I aspire to create.

Here's how it works:

-Thank the person who gave you this award by linking back to their site in your original
-         Tell us 7 things about yourself
-         Pass this award on to 6 bloggers
-         Contact the bloggers & let them know they got this award!!

7 Random facts about ME:

1. I have my doctoral degree in Pharmacy and went to college for 8 years, but I have always dreamed about owning a wedding planning/party planning company

2. I can't sit still. People always ask me how I do so much but I rarely can sit without doing something else at the same time. 

3. I love baths so much more than showers. 

4. I love to travel and wanted to make sure my husband and I went to Australia and Europe before we had kids. 

5. I am taking a cake decorating class so I can avoid some of the many "Caketastrophies" I have had in the past.

6.  My favorite color is Tiffany Blue and I painted my craft room a lighter shade of it.

7. I just completed my first 1/2 marathon and I have a second one in a month. 

I’m awarding the Versatile Blogger to a few of my favorite bloggers… be sure to visit them & you’ll love them too!


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