Wrist Pin Cushion

I made a wrist pincushion to go along with my other new pincushion. I found a great tutorial over at The Long Thread. This tutorial is great because you only need a scrap of fabric, a small amount of batting and velcro.

If you look closely I put the rough side of the velcro horizontally with the end of the piece and the soft side of the velcro vertically with the end (to make it more adjustable and then it won't scratch your skin also).I haven't had any problems with being poked but if you are worried about it you can insert a small piece of cardboard or plastic(cheap cuttingboard material) to act as a barrier.


Artsy Betsy said...

I LOVE using my wrist pin cushion but it is just store bought and very generic looking...yours is so much cuter!

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