Whopper Cupcakes

I went to the store hungry a few weeks ago and you kno what that means....everything looks delicious and you over buy. One of the things that ended up following me home were whoppers so I decided to make malted milk ball cupcakes.

Cross stitched blanket

This is a blanket I made a long time ago, just re-organizing somethings and found it again. Finished off the back with a chocolate polka dot print flannel fabric

Felt Onsie

I know there are several sites that sell shirts/onsies like these I loved the designs and didn't want to pay the $30+ for a onsie so what is a girl to do but break out the felt and heat n' bond and get creative
I have been one busy bee working on a ton of projects lately. There is just so much inspiration out there especially now that I have joined Pinterest . LOVE that website, it lets you make boards of ideas and pull ideas from other peoples boards too and is a place to save ideas/tutorials etc from various websites.

Felt Desserts

popsicle and icecream sandwich


Redo Ironing Board Cover

There are several tutorials for ironing board covers (depending on what you have and if you want to do as I did and just redo the one you have or not)  Tip Nut has several great tutorials but I decided to take the lazy way and remove the top fabric from my ironing board cover (seen below...isn't it lovely?!) and repurpose the "guts" of it.

Citrus Bulgar Wheat Salad

I love this Salad and made it recently to encourage summer and the sun to come out and show itself up here in rainy Oregon.

Baby Blanket

I made this blanket forever ago from one of those kits you can find at Michaels and finished the back with a really cute/easy technique.

Herb Markers

I love all of the cute little garden/herb markers out there or here and picked up a few spoons at Goodwill.You will need a hammer and a set of letter stamps (metal ones-my dad gave me his set a while ago and I never used it until now)

Blue Block Baby Blanket

Small 2x2 inch squares in random pattern crib quilt

Chocolate Quilt

Taekwondo Cake

A few weeks ago I met Jenni at a friends birthday party who is an awesome photographer. I had made the cake (seen here) and she had taken a few of the pictures (the good ones on that blog post) of the cake and I asked her for some photography tips to make my blog picures better and to get the most out of my new SLR camera.

Succulent tablescape

Put this cute little tablescape together for my outdoor table, now if only the weather would cooperate around here.

Texture quilt

Before Karsyn was born I was on a quilt making kick and made several quilts for her as well as other children I might have or my sister/friends would have and since evertime I go to the fabric store I fall deeply in love with the fabrics there and just can't stand leave the store without them I have created quite the fabric collection.

DIY Zipper Pulls and Luggage Tags

After I DIY'd my very own camera bag I decided I needed to personalize it a little bit and and made my blogs logo into a zipper pull and while I was at it I made a few luggage tags for our upcoming trip in June. There was a great tutorial over at craft test dummies on how to use countertop color chips to make luggage tags with modge podge dimentional magic.

Baby Boy Shower Gift

My friend is having a baby and I saw these really cute free printables for baby boys and girls over at
 Happy Housewife So I purchased a frame, printed it out and there you have it, instant art for the new little bundle to be.

Creamsicle Bib

Cute little bib I made.

Felt Food-baking

Aren't these so cute, I made Karsyn a bag of flour, sugar, eggs, and a piping bag. She also has frosted sugar cookies w/ beads on top for sprinkles and chocolate chip cookies

6th cake class

During this cake class we focused on some new techniques including filling, leveling, icing and smoothing the cake. We used a "hot-knife" technique to make a glassy finish on the cakes sides/top and then experimented with the garland effect, lattice technique, lace technique, shell boarder, pearl boarder and flower placement. It was a lot to learn in one class but very well worth it. Like they say "Practice makes perfect"....well hopefully anyway.
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