6th cake class

During this cake class we focused on some new techniques including filling, leveling, icing and smoothing the cake. We used a "hot-knife" technique to make a glassy finish on the cakes sides/top and then experimented with the garland effect, lattice technique, lace technique, shell boarder, pearl boarder and flower placement. It was a lot to learn in one class but very well worth it. Like they say "Practice makes perfect"....well hopefully anyway.

the flowers are a weird blue color because you have to make them up about 4-5 days before you use them to let them dry so made from some of the left over frosting from last weeks class, might as well not waste it since it was just a practice cake anyway.


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Liz H said...

We used a special cutter and mat to determine the placement of the garlands but you could probably easily do it with a circle cookie cutter too.

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