DIY Zipper Pulls and Luggage Tags

After I DIY'd my very own camera bag I decided I needed to personalize it a little bit and and made my blogs logo into a zipper pull and while I was at it I made a few luggage tags for our upcoming trip in June. There was a great tutorial over at craft test dummies on how to use countertop color chips to make luggage tags with modge podge dimentional magic.
The stuff is great once you get the hang of it and give your items a nice puffy/glossy finish when done. I found mine at Michaels in the glue ailse. I picked up some countertop color chip samples at the home depot.

I have several tips for this project that I learned the hard way and the first is to trim your paper/color chips to the size you want and then make sure you paint them completely white (including the sides-for a more finished look) otherwise anything that is underneath your image will show through once the modge podge dries. The second is to print your images on a LASER PRINTER or your image may bleed, number 3 is to punch a hold in your project BEFORE you apply the modge podge and to apply it on a WHITE surface. I tried a target bag and the red circles transferred to the bottom of my project.  Fourth tip is to let them dry at least 24 hours before you flip them over and apply the modge podge to the other side (it really does take that long to completely dry)

Luggage tags and zipper pulls

Drying (the paper kind of bubbled up a little while wet with the dimentional magic but settled down once it was dry). Try to glue down your image with spray adhesive or something strong. At first I just used regular modge podge but that created more bubbles that I wanted.


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