Herb Markers

I love all of the cute little garden/herb markers out there or here and picked up a few spoons at Goodwill.You will need a hammer and a set of letter stamps (metal ones-my dad gave me his set a while ago and I never used it until now)

 First you need to pound them flat with a hammer then using a sharpie make dots where you want the letters to be. I worked from the center of the spoon/center of the word out to make sure it was centered and where I wanted it. Make sure you hit the hammer REALLY HARD and several times to make sure you make a deep enough impression and also that you repeat that with each letter so they imprinted about the same depth. You can use acetone to remove any dots that are left or lightly sand with super find grit sand paper until any sharpie marks are gone.

Sorry for the not completely clear photo


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